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Are you tired of just surviving day to day?  Are you trying to make sense of the chaos in your life but are not finding any answers?  Perhaps you are in a draining marriage, unsatisfying occupation, or bad financial situation and you feel stuck.  You may want to move ahead but you just don't know how.  All you want is for someone to help you develop a game plan to get your life back on track, someone to help you cope with all of the negativity and discover options to ultimately achieve happiness.

You Have Come to the right place!

Each of us has what it takes to live a happy life however many lack the actual steps that lead to transformation. Using my books and workshops I have helped women gain the support and guidance needed to move forward and claim happiness for themselves.
Let me help you do the same.


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Ann Marie Bryant
Author and goal attaining expert




My name is Ann Marie Bryant and as an author, goal attaining expert, and workshop
leader I have helped women for over 10 years get the skills and resources needed to make sense of their hectic lives. Having once had a charmed life then ending up in a draining marriage and on welfare I used my "school of hard knocks" knowledge to move ahead and become financially secure. I will guide you in making a better life for yourself too by pinpointing what will make you happy and finding life resuscitating options for you.  My mission and commitment is to help you make the shift from being unhappy and hopeless to optimistic, confident, and secure. 

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Ann Marie Bryant
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